IELTS Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking Part 1

The first part of the IELTS Speaking test, which measures your proficiency in English communication, is known as IELTS Speaking Part 1. Your family, job, hobbies, and interests will all be topics covered during this portion of the test by the examiner. The questions will be written to elicit clear, uncomplicated responses, and you will typically be asked to speak for 4-5 minutes. To perform well in IELTS Speaking part 1, it’s essential to be prepared for the types of questions that you’re likely to be asked. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some common question types and provide you with some tips, vocabulary, and sample answers to help you ace this section of the test.

Common question type in Speaking Part 1

  1. Personal information These questions are designed to get to know you better and might include topics such as your hometown, your family, or your job.

Example question: Can you tell me a little bit about your family?

Sample answer: Sure, I come from a family of four. My parents are both teachers, and I have an older brother who’s currently studying medicine.


  • Hometown: The place where you were born or grew up.
  • Siblings: Brothers and sisters.
  • Occupation: Your job or profession.
  1. Likes and dislikes These questions ask you about your preferences and interests, such as your favorite food, hobbies, or music.

Example question: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Sample answer: I’m a big fan of indie rock, especially bands like Arcade Fire and The National. I find their music really thought-provoking and emotional.


  • Preferences: Things that you like or enjoy.
  • Interests: Activities that you enjoy doing.
  • Thought-provoking: Something that makes you think deeply.
  1. Daily routines These questions ask about your typical day or week, such as what you do in the morning or how you spend your weekends.

Example question: What do you usually do on your weekends?

Sample answer: On Saturdays, I usually like to go for a run or do some yoga in the morning. In the afternoon, I might meet up with friends for lunch or go shopping. On Sundays, I tend to relax at home and catch up on some reading or watch a movie.


  • Routine: A set of actions that you do regularly.
  • Run errands: To go out and do small tasks, such as shopping or banking.
  • Catch up on: To do something that you didn’t have time to do before.
Ielts speaking

Tips for answering speaking part 1 question

  1. Listen carefully to the question and make sure you understand it.
  2. Keep your answers short and to the point, but try to add some details or examples to support your answer.
  3. Use a range of vocabulary and try to avoid repeating the same words or phrases.
  4. Practice speaking English as much as possible, and try to get feedback from a teacher or native speaker.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask the examiner to repeat or clarify a question if you’re not sure.

Sample questions and answers for IELTS Speaking part 1

Q: Where are you from? 

A: I’m originally from Mumbai, which is a bustling city in India. It’s known for its vibrant culture and amazing food.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

 A: Yes, I love playing sports, especially basketball and tennis. I find it a great way to stay active and relieve stress.

Q: What’s your favorite type of food? 

A: I’m a big fan of Indian food, particularly curries and biryanis. I think the Indian cuisine uses a right blend of spices and it is rich is flavor. My favorite one is butter curry.

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